Champagne Claude Michez

Champagne Claude Michez

The village of BOURSAULT has a proud tradition of wine making and to this long history we'd like to add our own story. The story of a family-run winery that's modest in size, but where we make champagnes that we like to think of as ‘handmade' and authentic.

This story is all about the men and women from the past... Our Values and our philosophiy
Champagne Claude Michez

Our Values and our philosophiy

"As vignerons our aim is to bring out the true character of our grapes".

Every year we focus on the quality of the manual work in the vineyards. Achieving the best results requires not only the utmost care and attention, but also a detailed knowledge of each and every single plot of vines.
This commitment has to be maintained at every stage starting with the pruning and carrying on right through all the other vineyards tasks: the tying up of the shoots, the removal of excess buds, training the vines on wires as they grow, thinning out the foliage where it is too dense and trimming off any superfluous leaves; all this is done so as to regulate the yield of the vines and to ensure that the foliage is balanced and well ventilated. Only by patiently attending to all of these tasks can we hope to produce the top quality grapes which are essential to make top quality champagnes.

Harvesting starts only when we judge that the various grape varieties have reached their optimal ripeness and the picking is done entirely by hand. We use the same loyal team of pickers each year that we trust to do a meticulous job and only pick the very best bunches.
By being so extremely demanding at every stage we aim to bring out the true character of the grapes and that, in turn, allows us to produce outstanding champagnes.

The Vineyards

We cultivate 4.2 hectares of vines comprising

  • 1.98 hectares of Pinot Meunier
  • 1.22 hectares of Pinot Noir
  • 1 hectare of Chardonnay