Champagne Claude Michez

Champagne Claude Michez

The watchwords that apply to every aspect of our work are care, attention and authenticity

Haute Valeur Environnementale Independant wine makers
Champagne Claude Michez

Independant wine makers

Vigneron indépendant As members of the independent vine grower and wine makers association (Vigneron Indépendant ) we are allowed to use its logo – in itself a sign of authenticity – because we adhere to a number of precise and recognised criteria.
We practice a variety of diverse skills in order to offer you wines that are made with passion to delight your senses.

The following concisely sums up everything that is involved:

« The vigneron respects his terroir, tends his vineyard, harvests his grapes, vinifies and matures his wine, bottles his wine and lays it down in his cellar, sells his products, seeks to perfect his respect and understanding of tradition, welcomes visitors, gives advice on how best to enjoy his wines and takes pleasure in sharing with others the fruit of his labour and his culture. »

... for any wine lover this is the ultimate reference!