Champagne Claude Michez
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In conversion to organic farming n°AB0097.V1

A commitment to the environment and Biodiversity

High Environmental Value Certification


Since 2016, Domaine Claude MICHEZ has been a certified High Environmental Value vineyard. This certification reflects our commitment to protecting the environment and biodiversity.


2020 a total commitment to organic

Despite the often complicated climate in the Champagne region, we wanted to continue to preserve the exceptional environment of our estate and the people who work there.

In 2015, we began working a plot of land in an entire organical way. In the 2020 inflection point for Claude Michez House, after observing, changing practices and analysing the possibilities, we made the choice of a total commitment to work with organic viticulture on the entire estate.

The work involved in organic viticulture is indeed very demanding and requires a great deal of attention from February/March onwards. First of all, the grass needs to be managed using mechanical tools adapted to the terroir and the vine (herbicides are banned).

The vines are protected by us according to the weather. We use natural treatments to preserve biodiversity and respect the soil. We also use preparations that strengthen the vines' immune defences.

After 3 years of total conversion, certification has been validated for the 2023 harvest.

The musts obtained in September 2023 are therefore certified and the bottles will be certified in a few years' time after the regulatory ageing in the cellar.


Our day-to-day actions

Our daily objectives are to minimise the impact of our winegrowing activities on the environment, to promote ecology and biodiversity, and to take into account the well-being and safety of our permanent employees and their training.
We also value the quality and geographical proximity of our suppliers (bottles, cartons, wirehoods, corks, etc.) who are local and who are also committed to reducing their impact on the environment.

Our "HUMAN" commitment

Our focus is on the soil, on nature and people. As artisan winemakers, we give priority to manual work throughout the year, with Sébastien and Aloys working alongside us. Particular attention is paid at every stage, from quality pruning adapted to each plot, each vine and each grape variety, to tying, disbudding, quality lifting and trellising thanks to seasonal workers who come to work alongside us.

It is also important (depending on the year) to do a green harvest in certain plots to help aerate the bunches of grapes and improve maturation and quality. All this work in the vineyard is necessary to prepare for the future harvest, when everything begins for the birth of fine cuvées. But none of this would be possible without our grape-pickers, porters and pressers, who do a quality job and select the best bunches for us. Some of them have been with us for more than 20 years, and sometimes even more than 40! We attach great importance to hospitality and conviviality (from morning to night, providing meals and delicacies) throughout the harvest period.


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