Champagne Claude Michez

La certification HVE : Haute Valeur Environnementale

Perched high on a hillside above the Marne River in the valley below you‘ll find the tiny village of BOURSAULT and it's here that you'll also find Laurence and Cyrille, two dedicated vignerons whose aim is to bring out the very best of the terroir of BOURSAULT in their range of exceptional champagnes.
To learn more about their secrets you have to begin at the beginning... and that means in the vineyards where attention to detail, day in and day out, is the key to making great wine!


Come and meet us and taste our champagnes at Vinomedia in Montbeliard : it’s being held in the Roselière Room in Place Champ de ...

Our Champagnes

Champagne Claude Michez - Grande Réserve